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Effortless event management at your fingertips

From seamless entries to streamlined reporting, discover an online platform designed with you in mind. 


We know, because as dog people, we built what we always wanted!


You'll love:

  • Not deciphering hand-written forms
  • Letting entrants change and cancel things on their own
    (37% of all entries are changed or cancelled!)
  • Flexible waiting lists
  • Amazing drawing and running order / judging program
  • Easy email and text updates, catalogs, results, AKC reports, and lots more!
  • Having full control over your event

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Your entrants will love:

  • Fast and easy online entry from their phone, tablet, or computer
  • Paying with a credit card
    r a check and paper forms if they prefer)
  • Instant email confirmations
  • 24x7 self-service access to info, changes, and automated help
  • Even faster future entries
    e remember all their info)

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Hear from our happy pack!

"I am ecstatic with this program, so much less work for the Secretaries..."





"...your program is great!!  Many thanks to you for your support with our questions etc.  I would never do another event without using your program!!!!"





"Using PerfDog to handle the registrations for our recent Hunt Test was incredibly easy! It saves so much time with input, sorting, and reporting. The entrants can manage their own entries and we don’t have to handle payments. For any hitches that came up, support was right there with the solution. I am sold completely on their service."





"PerfDog has transformed our trial entry process! It's a huge time saver."




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It's a win for secretaries AND entrants 

I love this site it’s awesome. Thank you.
Perfdog is great. It’s sooo much easier than mailing in paperwork and knowing status instantly without having to continually call the secretary.
Great user friendly program!
You are doing a great job -- because I (whose challenged) used the site easily
Everything is great!
You are fabulous! Happy New Year!
Boy oh boy, u guys are doing amazing!
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John Smith
I love perfdog !! click click click done!!!
John Smith

Club membership management


Tired of chasing down people to renew?

Automate it with PerfDog!


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Stop pleading with your 'webmaster' to update your site - just click 'Edit' and change it yourself!


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