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PerfDog's online dog club and event management software is built for people like you: Event Secretaries, Organizers, and Club officials.

Founded by a field event secretary in 2015, we started with Pointing Breed Hunt Tests and grew from there to support field trials, water trials, clinics, club memberships, free club websites, and more.

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Pointing Breed Hunt Tests and Field Trials

Portuguese Water Dog Water Trials

Rattlesnake Clinics

Club Training Days

All Other Events and Activities

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..your program is great!! Many thanks to you for your support with our questions etc. I would never do another event without using your program!!!!
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Onancock, VA
I am ecstatic with this program, so much less work for the Secretaries...
testimonial thumbs up
Susan, HT Secretary
Orlando, FL

The Drawing

One of the countless reasons secretaries love PerfDog!


Our random drawing tool lets you easily view and eliminate conflicts among up to 3 courses.

Simply choose your auto-fix settings, click the button, and let it resolve conflicts. Afterwards, you can manually move dogs and handlers if you like.

Everyone loves this feature!

  • Auto-fix with one click
  • Drag and drop, swap, click and move dogs
  • Add lunch breaks
  • Change start times
  • Add stop for the day
  • Live viewing and editing with other people
Running order with border WIX

The Catalog

Your easy Results Reporting tool


Get a professional PDF or on-screen catalog for any event that has the required info in the right format.

For AKC Pointing Breed Hunt Tests, Field Trials, and other eligible events:

  • You can submit a marked up catalog in place of the Hunt Test or Field Trial Report.
  • After your Drawing, you can download and print a PDF Catalog that includes all the entries for the event.
  • Simply mark it, obtain signatures, and send it to the AKC. It's as simple as that!
FT catalog with border

Pawsitively amazing features

What users love most!

View Entry Counts 


You'll get an email for every entry, change, and cancellation.

You can also see your current counts, how full your event is, and more right from your phone whenever you like.

See entries!

Get a handle on entries

Add  •  Cancel  •  Replace  •  Move


Things happen.  You need full control over your event to make changes at any time. 


We make it easy for you and keep entrants in the loop.

Manage entries

Get Pre-filled

Scorecards & Labels


No more handwriting for you.

Professional and easy to read for judges.




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