What it costs to use PerfDog


All the details about what we charge for, what we don't, and why.



In a nutshell:


That's it!  We'll spell out all the details below. 😀


It's free. We're not kidding.

Like we said above, we only make money when you do - that means we don't charge for set up, sending emails to your users, bandwidth usage, etc.

To be extra clear, we'll show you all the things you don't have to pay for in the sub-sections below.

pricing page installation



There's no charge for installation, or set up, or configuration, or anything else related to getting started.

In fact, there's nothing to install. Just point your browser to PerfDog and go!

multiple phones



We don't charge based on usage.

We don't care how many users, club members, computers, tablets, or phones you have.

We also don't care how many times you sign in, how many images you add to your free club website, or how many emails you send to your entrants, volunteers, or club members.

Just use the site and enjoy it, stress-free.

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We don't charge licensing fees, maintenance fees, monthly fees, annual fees, bandwidth fees, upgrade fees, event listing fees, overage fees, or anything else related to your free club website, listing your events, or simply using the site.

So, how DO we make money?  Through processing fees based on what you charge.

If you don't charge anything, neither do we. For example, just need a headcount for lunch? Free. Putting on a club picnic or fun day? Still free.




Okay, here's what you've been waiting for - the dreaded "fee" word.

Just remember that we don't charge fees if you don't, so you started it!

Fee types:

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Processing fees

These are non-refundable fees based on what you charge.


- $50 entry fee, we charge $3
- $20 club membership, we charge $2

The full list of processing fees is in the club agreement.

It's your call: add our processing fee to what you charge or take it out of your proceeds.

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Credit card fees

We deduct all credit card processing fees (which we call electronic payment processing fees in the club agreement) from your proceeds.

To keep things simple, we use a flat rate of 4% instead of charging a different amount by type of credit card, bank, processing network, and other factors.

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Check fees

We charge $3 for every check we need to print and mail.

Although it's rare, this happens when somebody pays by check then later requests a refund check instead of keeping a site credit.

Note that we DO NOT charge a fee to receive paper entry forms or checks mailed to us to pay for entries.

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Settlement fees

We charge a $3 fee for each party you want us to pay when it's time to send your proceeds.

In most cases, the only party is your club.

However, you can have us pay others (e.g., land owner, parent club, etc.) out of your proceeds.



Because processing fees are non-refundable, we let you decide who pays them when an entry, part of an event, or an entire event gets cancelled.

Some clubs choose to pay these fees on behalf of entrants when things are cancelled and some don't - it's entirely up to you.

In most cases where the club pays them, however, the club usually expects a significant number of entries from professional handlers.  Enough said on that topic.