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From the Event Page, click "Setup," then "Stakes" or "Levels" (depending on the event)


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Stakes/Levels - what you can edit:

  1. Order of stakes or levels

  2. The course or ring (location) in which the level will be held

  3. Entry fees (make sure to include the PerfDog processing fee)

  4. Customized notes that entrants will see when entering

* Click "Unlock stakes" to begin editing

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Adding Puppy Field Trial Stakes to Hunt Tests

We offer two options for adding these stakes to your Hunt Test. Please read this article to see how PerfDog handles this. Then contact us to get your Hunt Test going. 

Combining Puppy Stakes and Hunt Tests at PerfDog >

Note: If your club is holding a puppy field trial stake with a hunt test, the puppy stake may be the only stake found (as a Field Trial) in our database. Your related hunt test may not appear at all. We're working on a fix for this, but feel free to contact us for assistance in the meantime -

Video Tutorials

Edit stakes or levels video thumbnail

Edit stakes or levels

Click Unlock, then choose the stake or level to edit.

Course name video

Edit courses, rings, or areas

Are you running dogs in different areas for different levels? See how to set the areas in this video.

Add a stake thumbnail

Add a stake or level to your event

Did your stakes or levels change? See how to add the new one and delete the old one in this video.

Drag and drop stakes thumbnail

Drag and drop

Use easy click, drag, and drop functions to reorder stakes or levels.

add notes to stakes

Add notes that entrants will see when selecting a level

Add notes to levels or stakes that entrants will see when entering.

This could be: "This stake is closed to breeds other than [list of breeds]." 


notes field Stakes

Enhancing Registration with Notes

The "Notes" field lets you provide important details about your stake or level that participants will see when registering. Here are some ideas:


Portuguese Water Dog Water Trials:

Ask Participants: "Let us know which leg you're aiming for in the notes section during registration."

Pointing Breed Field Trials:

Stake Closed to Specific Breeds: "This stake is closed to breeds other than [list of breeds]."



  • Use this space to clarify any details that might not be clear from the level title alone.
  • Keep your notes concise and easy to understand for participants.


when stakes field (1)

Choosing the "When" Option

The "When" feature lets you schedule each stake/level in your event.
Here's a breakdown of the options and when to use them:


Not sure: This is typically used when a stake/level will follow another one, and the exact start time depends on the previous stake's completion. 

Specific day/time: Use this if you know exactly when your stake/level will begin. For example, if the puppy stake starts at 8:00 AM on Saturday, select "Saturday at 8:00 AM."

Not before a day/time: Choose this when you don't have an exact start time, but you know it won't begin before a specific time. This is common for Pointing Breed Field Trials, where the schedule is usually outlined in the "Premium List."

Estimated day/time: Use this for the second or third day of a field trial when the start time for your stake is uncertain. Again, the "Premium List" will provide more details for entrants.

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