Map and Directions

From the Event Page, click "Setup," then "Map and Directions"


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Show & Tell

✔️ Get attendees there on time! Place an accurate map marker to show exactly where your event is happening

✔️ Make navigation a breeze! Provide clear, step-by-step directions to help everyone find your venue with ease.

Video Tutorials

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Fine-Tune Your Map and Directions

Adjust the location marker on your event's map and include detailed directions.

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Change the address

If the venue address is wrong, edit it under Setup > Basics.

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Move the pin

Click the exact location of your event on the map to position the pin. Be sure to save your changes by clicking the blue "Save changes" button.

copy activity map

Copy from another event

Need to copy the location from a past event?

1. Click the Change map button

2. Click Copy an activity button

3. Follow instructions. 

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