From the Event Page, click "Setup," then "Extras"


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Take reservations or a headcount


🍔 Meals 👕 Club Merchandise
⛺ Camping 🚘 Parking
🐦 Birds 🐴 Hay
  • If you have existing extras, Click "Unlock" to edit
  • HEADS UP! THERE ARE NO LIMITS ON EXTRAS AT THIS TIME (If you only have 10 tee-shirts to sell, you can't limit the number of tee-shirts available in Extras)

Video Tutorials

Set up Extras video thumb

Set up Extras

Take lunch, dinner, camping, parking, and other reservations for your event. 

PA for Sub Stewards video thumb

Participation Agreements

Get completed PA's from Substitute Stewards and others using the "Extras" feature.

Register for extras on existing entry video thumb

Adding Extras to Existing Entries

This video explains how to add extras to entries that have already been submitted. Feel free to send this video tutorial to people so they know how to add extras to their entries.

Register for extras wo dog video thumb

Register for Extras Without Entering a Dog

For folks who only want to register for camping, meals, etc. They DO NOT have to enter a dog in the event. 


For more details, read our help article: 

Take meal, camping, or other reservations for your event

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