Breed Restrictions

From the Event Page, click "Setup," then "Breed restrictions"


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breed restrictions


Manage breed restrictions

  • If your entire event is restricted to a breed, set it here.
  • If a specific level or stake is restricted to a specific breed, set those restrictions here.

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Give entry priority to a specific breed

Manage the breeds allowed to participate in your event over time. Here's what you can do:

  • Limited Breed Entry: Allow only a specific breed to enter for a set period. After that time, you can manually open the event to other breeds.
  • Staged Entry with Waiting List: Initially, all dogs will be added to a waiting list. You can then manually allow only dogs of a specific breed to enter the event. Once you're ready to include other breeds, simply adjust the event limits to avoid sending everyone to the waiting list.

Read this article for all the details >

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