Manage Waiting List

From the Event Page, click "Manage," then "Manage waiting list"


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Waiting List Highlights:

  • It automatically starts when one of your event's limits is reached.
  • It DOES NOT automatically fill spots that open up in your event. 
  • It gives you the flexibility to choose which dogs are allowed in.



Why is there a waiting list when my event isn't full?

  • Event/Level Filled, Then Spots Opened Up: The event (or a specific level) filled up and reached one of its event limits.  Subsequent entries went on the waiting list. Then one or more cancellations occurred.  Note that the system does not automatically allow entries in, giving event admins the flexibility to let dogs in.

  • Administrator Increased Limits Manually But Did Not Clear the Waiting List: After a waiting list formed, the event admin increased the number of available spots/times, but neglected to accept the existing waiting list entries. Subsequent entries will continue to go to the waiting list until it has been emptied. 

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