Manage Entries

From the Event Page, click "Manage," then "Manage entries"


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Manage "Offline" entries you receive

PerfDog makes it easy to manage entries for your event, even for those submitted "offline"!

Here's how it works:

  • Receive entries: via email, phone, or any other method.
  • Input entries into your event at PerfDog
  • Payment options: Allow entrants to bring a check to the event or input the payment information (check or credit card) during check out. Their confirmation email will also give them a link to pay their balance online with a credit card if you choose to let them bring a check.
Add entries to your event
Add extras to an existing entry
Cancel an entry
Cancel all entries for one person
Cancel Part of an Entry
Cancel Entries After Closing


Move dog to another level/stake 



Move dog to another level/stake while it's in the waiting list


Received a check?

  1. Record the entry: Make sure to click "Check in hand" and record the check details.
  2. Deposit the check: Deposit the check ASAP.
  3. PerfDog handles the rest: We'll deduct the amount from your event proceeds immediately. If the entry is later cancelled, WE WILL REFUND the entrant. 

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Add a Note to an Entry

  1. Navigate to your Event page.
  2. Click "Manage" > "Manage entries" > "Act on behalf."
  3. Click the plus next to the dog's owner or handler name.
  4. Click "Change dog's entries."
  5. Scroll down to the "Notes for the Secretary" section and add the note.
  6. The note will be automatically saved to the entry. There's no need to continue to the next screen(s). 

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Update a handler for an existing entry

  1. Go to "Manage" > "Manage entries" > "Act on behalf"
  2. Find the entrant, then click the plus beside their name
  3. Click the blue button for the dog you want to change
  4. This takes you to the stakes/level screen where you can change the handler.

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