Over the years

Rod and Race in a field

PerfDog 2015

Spring 2015

PerfDog begins!


After Neeta stays up late getting hand cramps, Rod gets serious about revolutionizing dog event management, starting with hunt tests.


We show the first working prototype to friends in the Rocky Mountain Vizsla Club at our Summer Picnic and they're excited.  👏


PerfDog mock up - 2015



Summer 2016

We're live!


Up and running with a registration wizard and payments with either credit cards online or mailed in checks.


PerfDog reg wizard - January 2024


Summer 2016


Spring 2017

Field trials and Extras


We officially support AKC pointing breed field trials!  We take online (and mailed in) entries and payments, generate labels and catalogs, take and report results to the AKC, and much more.



Online reservations and payments for meals, camping, donations, and lots more.  We only charge if you do - getting head counts is free!


PerfDog extras - January 2024


Winter 2017

Waiting list support


By popular demand, we automatically manage waiting lists, send acceptance emails, let secretaries set entry limits, and more.


PerfDog allow waiting list - January 2024


Winter 2017


Summer 2018

Catalogs and Volunteers


Hunt test and field trial secretaries can create, post, and email PDF catalogs that they can also use to record and report results to the AKC.


We let secretaries manage their volunteers like judges, gunners, bird planters, and many more.


PerfDog hunt test catalog - January 2024



Spring 2019

Running orders


Drag and drop running orders with automatic conflict fixing, lunch breaks, stopping for the day, and much more!


This is a "game changer" feature for many secretaries who save hours because we resolve conflicts across judges, courses, and handlers.




Spring 2019


Spring 2020

New logo!


We got a new logo, which looks a lot nicer!






PerfDog_Horizontal_Color_RGB - smaller-1


Summer 2020

Email, club websites, search, and history!


Secretaries can easily send email to judges, committee members, volunteers, entrants, and more (one of our most popular features to this day!).


PerfDog send email - January 2024



Anyone can search for events, dogs, judges, and clubs.  They can also see dog activity histories (including field trial placements and hunt test passes) and judge activity histories (who they judged, who they put up, for which clubs, and when).


PerfDog dog activity history - January 2024



All dog clubs get a free website on PerfDog so they never have to remember who has the special laptop or scramble when their "webmaster" leaves the club.


PerfDog club website - January 2024




Secretaries can add water test stakes to hunt tests and field trials.

Summer 2020

Fall 2020

Club membership!


Full support for club membership, including applications, approvals, online payments, email reminders, fast and easy renewals, sending email and newsletters to club members, voting for board members and officers, map-based member directories, financial reports, annual AKC reports, and more!


PerfDog club memberships table - January 2024


PerfDog club membership types - January 2024


PerfDog club membership reminders - January 2024


PerfDog club directory map - January 2024


Winter 2020

Clinics, training, fun days, picnics, and club newsletters!


Organizers can now manage their rattlesnake avoidance clinics, training days, and activities of all kinds.  We only charge when you do, so free events are truly free (e.g., picnics, fun days, meet-ups).


All these activities can use PerfDog to take entries (and optional payments), create running orders, generate labels and catalogs, email participants, and so much more.


Clubs can also create and email club newsletters, all free of charge.


PerfDog rattlesnake clinic - January 2024


Winter 2020


Spring 2021

Dog swap and move, customizations, help center


Secretaries can easily move dogs from one stake to another and replace dogs within a stake.  As always, secretaries have full control over their events!


PerfDog move or swap dogs - January 2024



Administrators can customize the language we use everywhere when referring to a "premium", "judge", "brace", "running order", and more to better fit activities like water trials, classes, rattlesnake avoidance clinics, etc.



Help is available on every page by clicking in the lower right corner.


PerfDog Intercom pop up - January 2024



Summer 2021

Clubs can pay processing fees for entrants


By popular demand, clubs can now completely hide PerfDog processing fees for entrants and deduct all fees from their final proceeds check.  This can dramatically cut down on complaints in some clubs, sports, or parts of the country.

PerfDog club pays fees - January 2024


Summer 2021

Fall 2021

Our first "real" home page.

Instead of jumping straight into the application, we added a page that tells people what we're all about (with a nice picture of Race).


2022 PerfDog home page



Summer 2022

Multiple closing dates, Portuguese Water Dog Water Trials


Admins can set up to 5 different closing dates (e.g., early, late, day of show) with different prices per stake in each time period.


PerfDog multiple closing dates - January 2024



Official support for Portuguese Water Dog Water Trials, which has become very popular with the breed!


PerfDog pwd water trial - January 2024


Summer 2022

Fall 2022

Self-service event setup and payout, automatic premium checker


Previous secretaries can now set up events online immediately, without filling out a form or sending email, any time of day or night.


PerfDog event setup page - January 2024



Secretaries can also go through the "finalization wizard" to double check everything (including their event's final spreadsheet) and start the "get paid" process online.


PerfDog finalization wizard - January 2024



The enhanced automatic premium checker understands common nicknames (e.g., Robert/Rob/Bob/Bert) when double checking content.  If it finds any issues, it says exactly what is missing or doesn't match (e.g., stakes, judges, entry fees).


Spring 2023

Full self-service, payment options, on-site updates, email logs, AI helper


Admins can now set up their own events (optionally starting from a copy of another club's event), determine who to pay (e.g., landowner, caterer), and how much (e.g., amount per dog or per handler).



On-site event updates by email and text messages keep everybody up-to-date so they don't have to walk around asking "who's up now? when do I run? when do we stop for lunch?"


PerfDog sign up for event updates - January 2024


PerfDog create event update - January 2024



Secretaries can see a log of all emails sent that pertain to their events, including who they went to, when, and if there were any issues.



In addition to our help center containing over 100 articles and videos, our new AI helper (Max) helps all users get answers any time of day or night.



Home page refresh:


2023 PerfDog home page


Spring 2023

Winter 2023

Multiple accounts & emails & logins, hiding dogs, and emojis 😀


PerfDog users can have multiple email addresses (to use as back ups when we have issues sending to the primary), can login in multiple ways (e.g., with Facebook, Google, and an email/password), and can merge accounts if they accidentally created more than one login.  This all makes it much easier to avoid having duplicate users in the system or forgetting how you signed in last year!


PerfDog alternate emails - January 2024



Dogs can be hidden so they don't show up in your list, which is helpful for several reasons.


PerfDog hide dog - January 2024



Have fun with the emoji support we added to emails, texts, notes, stake descriptions, and more!  🎉🍻🐾


Brand new website!


We're always improving and innovating, month after month, year after year.


Stay tuned to see what comes next!


If you made it this far, you might want to see our full release notes!


Home page - February 2024