Waiting Lists

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Waiting Lists

Last Revised: April 19, 2022


Popular dog events and classes often fill up quickly, but cancellations are also a fact of life. PerfDog allows people to get on a waiting list for full events and classes. Event and class administrators may replace cancelled entries and registrations with ones on the waiting list if they desire their event or class to be as full as possible. Affected people will be notified by email with instructions on how to pay if and when the administrator chooses to use their waiting list.


When an event or class administrator decides to use someone's waiting list entry or registration, that person will be notified by email with instructions on how to either cancel the entry/registration or pay for it.

The event or class administrator will set a deadline by which the person must pay online with a credit card (or agree to pay with a check if the administrator allows this option). If the deadline expires without a response, the administrator may put the entry/registration back on the waiting list or cancel it. If either the affected person or the administrator chooses to cancel the waiting list entry/registration, the affected person will not be charged a fee.


People may cancel entries/registrations on a waiting list at any time without fees.

After someone's waiting list entry/registration is accepted and paid for (or the person agrees to pay for it with a check), the standard terms apply to any subsequent cancellations or changes.


To get the best results for everyone involved in a waiting list, the people on the waiting list and event/class administrators need to do their part:

People on the waiting list:
  • If you need to cancel a confirmed entry/registration (not on a waiting list), please cancel it online as soon as possible so others on the waiting list can get in. If you cancel after the event/class is closed, you will not get a refund, but you may help others get in, which also helps the club.
  • If you're on a waiting list, make sure you're prepared to be accepted at any time. You'll be notified by email if your entry/registration is accepted, so please check your email daily, including your spam folder. Note that this could happen even after the event/class is closed.
  • If your waiting list entry/registration is accepted and paid for (or you agree to pay by check), you will have until the closing date to cancel without losing your entry/registration fee.
  • If you no longer want to be on a waiting list, please cancel your waiting list entry/registration online.
  • People should cancel their own entries online. However, if someone tells you directly that they need to cancel their entries/registrations and are not able or willing to do it themselves, you may cancel online for them. This may help make room for waiting list items.
  • Understandably, circumstances occasionally require a great deal of planning flexibility, even after the closing date (e.g., sick judges/instructors, bad weather). If you need to change the number of entries/registrations that can be accepted at the stake/class, trial, day, or event/class level, update those details online promptly.