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00:00: This guide will walk you through the steps to set up your Portuguese Water Dog Water Trial in Perf Dog. 00:06: Click on "Portuguese Water Dogs" on the home page 00:10: Select "Create my upcoming trial" 00:13: Read the instructions about how to copy an activity 00:17: Focus on the "Club" section 00:20: If your club doesn't appear above the search box, click "How to choose the club" to see brief instructions. 00:26: If your club appears above the search box, select it. Otherwise, click inside the search box 00:33: The system finds this club name when "mover" is typed in the search field. Click the Blue box with the club's name. 00:41: The "Activity" box appears next. This is where you'll search for an activity to copy. 00:47: Click or hover over "How to choose an activity" to view instructions. 00:52: If you don't know the name of the event you want to copy, you can type the name of the club, the type of event (water trial), or the month of the event. Typing "mover" (part of the club's name) in the search field finds a recent trial. 01:06: From the dropdown, click the event to copy. 01:09: Overall event details will appear, which can be edited later. If it's the event you want to copy, continue with the next step on the screen. If it's not, return to the previous step and find another event. 01:23: Read the description for event management 01:26: Read and agree to the "Assertions" by checking each box. They will appear one at a time. 01:32: When you're ready, click "Let's do it!" and then "Copy and change event." Follow the instructions you see in subsequent emails and screens. 01:42: Thank you for watching.


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